Little Wonders

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The concept and execution behind these miniature worlds is so amazing to me. While searching Domino magazine's blog list (I love Domino!) I came across some mini-models made from French artists Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida. Look at the detail in these hand painted figures! My favorites-though I think all of them are awesome-are the men mowing the kiwi lawn, the excavators looking down the chocolate eclair crack, and the men in white suits observing the molten creme-brulee surface lol. Pierre and Akiko's work is now open for viewing at the Madelyn Jordon Fine Art Gallery in Scarsdale, NY, and I think it will be traveling throughout the U.S after November.

Another miniature world I love was created by London artist Slinkachu (below). He handpainted miniature figures and placed them throughout the city of London posed in everyday situations. Figures are shown jogging, painting, working on construction sites (which in big-people world are really just cracks in the walkway). I thought the image of a figure venturing in to the unknown contents of McDonalds box was hilarious. There is an image below of a tiny man standing at the ATM, but if you were to pan out and observe the whole scene the wall is actually a very small portion of the London sidewalk and the man stands as a dot in the whole frame. Slinkachu will randomly place figures throughout the city and leave them there, often times forgetting where he placed them. Check out his blog for more images and to view his book, "Little People in the City."


  1. wow i love these:) i agree, these are amazing little wonders:)

  2. ooo i've read about slinkachu's works! that macdonald's one is hilarious. thanks for sharing these photos!


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