Leave It All Behind

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I can't begin to express my love/fanaticism for The Foreign Exchange, and I won't even try. But for four+ years I've been grabbing my loudspeaker and telling everyone I can about them. Their latest album, "Leave It All Behind" is a beautifully orchestrated piece of music that says "we experienced love, we took our time, we tapped into our musical strengths and instruments, and we present it to you in the best package we could create." There is a stunning reflection of love told through lyrics and production from a predominately male perspective: Darien Brockington, Phonte, and Nicolay (who I heart to death). But the female vocalists who were added to the latest project, Musinah and Yazarah, are absolutely incredible when they lend their vocals to certain tracks. I was completely buggin out when I found out they were performing in New York on November 15th, and I already had my game plan mapped out mentally: get ticket to the show, get Megabus ticket to New York, and stay with a friend for a night if possible. I was so giddy to ask a few friends to join me, but I wasn't sure anyone would be interested. A few days later I find out the Foreign Exchange have a performance lined up right here in D.C at the Black Cat the day after the New York show, November 16th!! So while I'm sittin at home purchasing the album from iTunes (and squealing over this recent discovery), I immediately think of who I can ask to join me to the show. Most of my friends stay out in Baltimore, and the show being late on a Sunday night wouldn't really fly with the working folk, so I convince myself that I'll go to the Saturday night NY performance and have a better chance of enjoying it with my girls Whit, CJ, Eniola, Jessica, and Shaena if they were interested:) But the next morning a name flies across my mind, my friend J who I connected with through the love/hate partner that is Facebook. She lives in D.C and was so up for seeing a live show, and now I have a partner in crime. So stumbling into work on Monday-- tired or not--November 16th is on the list!

A couple of days pass and an extra body is added to the group (a co-worker was also geeked to see the show with us so plans are officially made!) But now...and let me collect myself before I continue....I'm on ticketmaster and find out that MAXWELL is performing three shows in D.C the same week as the Foreign Exchange performance. Like a woman with no peripheral vision I can see nothing but the words "Section-so-and-so, seat-so-and-so" in front of me because clearly I'm getting a ticket. I heard the prices were ridiculous, and during my search I saw firsthand that they were. But through some lovely twist of fate I asked Ticketmaster to do a random search for a section where the price was $79, and up popped Orchestra Seats!! Needless to say, buggin out quickly ensued :) So I'll be attending the show alone, but not really alone. My girl J found out about the performance and nabbed a great seat for herself. So we'll both be melting to "Ascension" just from across the aisles :)

Anyway, this post' length is getting ridiculous. Please check Foreign Exchange, and listen to some of the music provided from their first and latest albums "Connected" and "Leave it All Behind" courtesy of imeem.com and You Tube. Images above courtesy of Tobias Rose. *Also, I've been tagged and the responses are coming up soon. Thanks Rae!!

Daykeeper feat. Muhsinah - The Foreign Exchange

Happiness - Foreign Exchange

This song...ohmydays!


  1. many people slept on their first album which is a classic!

  2. That's the truth! I still haven't heard another album quite like 'Connected' from any artist.

  3. I'm so excited! What's crazy is that the Musinah girled featured on that track went to Howard w/ my God brother.

  4. Johnica, I'm too too excited! A co-worker and another friend are really interested in The Foreign Exchange so I've gotten them to come along :) Two weeks, girl...two weeks!


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