We'll Always Have The Movies

Saturday, September 27, 2008

For some reason I really miss Paul Newman. And it's a strange feeling because obviously I never knew him, but I truly admired his approach to life. You know how you can feel connected to someone even if you've never met? It's like my equal affection for Sidney Poitier.
Back in May I collected a bunch of photos of Paul Newman hoping to make a blog post, but I decided to keep them reserved in a special folder on my hard drive. I remember seeing him for the first time in "Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid" during a class in high school, but I didn't truly begin to seek his works until I saw (and innocently fawned over him) in "Cat on A Hot Tin Roof". I often came across articles related to him and I would spend hours just being fascinated by his cool. Whether he was talking about his wife, his films, his causes, or his age, Paul Newman had this cool, and he kept things real. And he had an amazing heart towards people, as evidenced by Newman's Own dressing, camps for sick children, and other philanthropic endeavors that didn't need to be publicized. He was low-ley and genuine and strong and debonair (which he might even laugh at being called). It's needless to say he was, of course, handsome. But even after his passing, which he made much preparation for beforehand, we'll always have the movies...

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  1. It wasn't until last month when I was watching my Oprah 20th anniversary dvd collection that I found out he started his career as an actor. On the show he mentioned how people knew him more for his food products than his movies. All this time I thought he was a chef. He will be greatly missed

    PS. You have been tagged, see my page for details.

    Hope you're enjoying and adjusting to DC/ MD.


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