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Saturday, September 6, 2008

...and other times she makes whimsical and fantastic hairbands :) Jen Gotch over at My Polaroid Blog, and her good friend and recent business partner Jamie have come together to produce hairbands. They started out just amusing themselves with feathers, strings, and their contagious sense of humor, but once the Daily Candy got wind of their little enterprise, business has been blossoming. As it should. Look at these bands! I haven't worn a hairband since maybe elementary school but I'm completely smitten by the soft, almost ethereal aesthetic of these! Each is uniquely and hand made, and no doubt you'll spot one that reflects your personality be it quirky, retro, colorful, loud, dramatic, observant, or demure.

Jen, being the great prop stylist and photographer that she is, also took the photos you see here. For a closer look at the headbands, or to get one for yourself, stop by

Song of the moment:
The Shins-"Caring is Creepy"
caring is creepy - the shins

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  1. whoa! The look incredibly beautiful! I think I'll take this for this week's blogaround!


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