A Deeper Shade of Purple

Monday, September 1, 2008

After one of my favorite pair of heels checked out on me the other day I headed over to Payless to see if they had any new styles that were cute and affordable. Payless has really stepped up its shoe game with great styles by Lela Rose, Abaete, and Fioni. I bought these beautiful ladies after having a five minute debate with myself over whether or not to buy the patent leather granny heel (which I'm sure I already own but in a slightly different style) or whether to get the purple peep toe. Since most of my shoes primarily consist of safe, neutral-colored heels I wanted something with more pop for the fall--something to keep me entertained and smiling at the very least whenever I looked down :) So I happily grabbed the purple shoes, all the while imagining the colored tights I could match them with in the Fall, or how great they would go with this marigold sweater that I've been attached to since I bought it from H&M. And since it was BOGO I also nabbed a cute pair of flat, white ballerina slippers with a little gold button for $5.
I would have loved to show some outfit shots, but with the upcoming job and city transition I'm currently living out of my suitcase and won't have my tripod for about another month or so (fingers crossed;)


  1. I saw a nice plum colored hand bag that that totally to die for, but I didn't get it. I'm so used to wearing black, that i have to deliberate with friends before I buy colored items. I went back to the store to get it, and someone had already purchased it. I'm really starting to like the purple variants.

    Those shoes are cute.

  2. those shoes look just like these marc jacobs ones i wanted! They are gorgeous, great blog
    Bye x

  3. Thanks ladies! I really appreciate your lovely comments.

    Yeah, getting shoes in a color other than a neutral tone can be risky, especially if it may clash with 90%of the color palette in your wardrobe lol but I'm sooo up for the challenge. It's time for me to get creative this Fall, and purple is a good starting base I think ;) I hope you're able to find another great purple bag, Rae!


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