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Saturday, August 30, 2008

I didn't get around to posting about one of my favorite mags, TRACE, and their awesome new issue (which I realize has been on newsstands for three sorry:). But I was browsing through the magazine online the other day and felt simultaneously inspired and nowhere near fly enough to be on the same level as Tracers around the world. (kidding, kidding).

Issue #83 celebrates TRACEs annual "Black Girls Rule." Every year the issue dedicates itself to highlighting breakout models from the coasts of Africa to the shores of the Caribbean to the metropolises of Paris and New York, as well as black women coming up in art, music, and fashion design. I totally heart this issue not just for its sharp focus towards a theme that highlights the achievements of an entire group and not just one individual, but because the photo spreads are done with a fresh photographic eye taking advantage of asymetrical angles and bold colors. I'm also loving that Spike Lee is the guest editor and that TRACE gives him space to feature the prominent women who helped shape his life (Ruby Dee and sister Joie included!). Not to mention TRACE makes no qualms about declaring Michelle Obama the first black first lady. So I'll stop the shameless promotion, for which I am receiving no incentives;), and let you enjoy the photos. Click here to view the entire issue available online in pdf format.

Photos courtesy of

A few other organizations are also declaring that Black girls rule (or rock, depending on who you ask). Here's a couple of events that will be going down in the upcoming months if you happen to be in the NYC area :)

Photos courtesy of and Black Girls Rock!

*And speaking of models, guess who I passed on 51st and 5th on her way to a go-see? (I just assume it was a go-see because she had her portfolio in hand)...Lisa from America's Next Top Model. She was on the same season as Salesha, remember? Though she seemed a bit flustered (lost? in a rush?) she's gorgeous in person and incredibly tall. I kinda felt like a mushroom when I passed her lol.

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  1. Oh WOW, what an amazing issue!!! I need that in print for my coffee table!


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