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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A little peek at what I've been into lately: home furnishing! The only hangup is that, indeed, I need to get a home--at least an apartment--of my own, first. But Amy Butler, with her colorfully printed bags, pillows, stationary, and linen, keeps me inspired for when the time comes to seriously get down on some home furnishing.

And!....Here's a glimpse inside the beautiful home of Mara Brock Akil, courtesy of her recent spread in Domino magazine. The image is a quite small here, but please check out the enlarged pic from which I have taken mine: ymib.com. This site (which I have been mulling over how to properly introduce here) is my sweet spot on the web. I adore it! It's is such a lovely portal for women of color that discusses everything from home decor, food and dining, beauty, inspiration, health, love, sisterhood, philanthropy, etc! Women have created a community within a community in which to laugh, share, vent, encourage, love, read, and grow. Certain words and phrases spring to mind when describing YMIB: organic, grassroots, spiritual, Morrocan tapestry, and African roots. Click for yourself and see if at least 4 out of 5 don't apply ;)

Designer's Guild is another site that's filled with home decorating ideas. Adding color, especially if it's going to be permanent, is a big step because you're considering the mood the color will create, whether or not certain elements/accessories will clash with the room, editing your color options and knowing when enough is enough, etc. But Designer's Guild makes it seem to effortless to combine a soft print with a bold accent, or a bold piece in an otherwise tame setting.

And lastly, Snobby Productions, a creative design company started by two Black American sisters (both under 30) based in LA that deserves a little shine.

*The irony in this post is that the kitchen is the room I'm most excited to furnish and I haven't included a single kitchen photo!


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