Thursday, August 28, 2008

This week at work has seen a generous outpouring of gifts and sweet finds. Yesterday my job held a beauty sale, and though I'm not big on makeup, lipsticks, and a whole bunch of fragrances (me and the nude lip gloss get along just fine ;), I went to check it out along with everyone else. Plus, the items were only 1 or $2. I'm telling you people came ready, wearing their jeans sans high heels, carrying multiple empty shopping bags and credit cards. And here I am with my little $2. That was the budget! lol Clearly I wasn't ready. I sifted through a few bins for about 10 minutes before both losing interest and being overwhelmed, so I decided to head back to my desk and continue following up with some fashion shows. The day goes on and all is great; I'm happy to see everyone enjoying their new finds and the office has this whole new vibe: I'd describe it as sunny.

Later that afternoon I visit my boss' office to see if she has an updated phone list of the current employees. She asks if I bought anything from the beauty sale that morning and I say no, but it's perfectly fine because although I didn't buy anything I enjoyed going. She insists that I look through some of her bags and pick out some things I like. I'm a sucker for lip gloss, but tell her I haven't experimented much with lip colors because I'm a bit cautious of how it will look with my skin color. But she graciously does some comparisons and picks out three amazing shades. They're so gorgeous! And then she asks if I need a mirror because she bought an extra one. First thing I think of is a mirror I can use when I'm rolling my hair at night :) and I say I'll take it. Then!.... just before I'm about to leave (mind you I have yet to get the phone list I came for lol) she hands me a gorgeous brown leather bag as a gift for getting a new job! (Thank you again, Delora!!) I was seriously speechless because my funds have been very tight these past few months, and to get free gifts when you least expect them and to know who they really come from (thank you, Lord!) is so humbling.
*Here she is: The Christina Bag! And to cap off the week, I won $20 from my editor during a brainstorming session! Whoo hoo!
Okay, back to the Democatic National Convention coverage. Amazing!


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