There Is Always a Ray of Light

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Yesterday my dad and I were watching NBC Nightly News listening to one of the headlines which, as of late, has been predominantly reserved for the struggling economy here in the U.S. This particular story reported on the suggested ripple effect of banks across the country having to close and those that have already turned the tide, namely IndyMac Bank. The thing that most aggravated/saddened me was the story of a middle-aged man who had put $238,000 into the bank that he had been saving for his business. With the bank closing and everyone making a mad dash to retrieve their assets, insurance policies, etc, this man was only able to get back roughly $170,000. He was out $68,000 and years of saving, and in a low tone made the vow to never invest anything over $100,000 in the bank. He looked heartbroken and beat down, but still reserving a ray of hope about him. Without my two cents needed to say it, the economic situation here has spiraled downward at a ridiculous speed. It's arguable that 9/11 was only a slight crumbling of the pie before the entire bottom completely fell out. Katrina, astounding gas prices, housing and mortgage crisis, the weak dollar, unemployment (in part caused by outsourcing and businesses/factories being sold abroad)--these are all glaring indicators of mismanaged funds, resources, etc. Why did lenders feel they could sell a $350,000 home to somone making less than $45,000 a year? But then again why would someone put themselves in a position to buy a home they couldn't afford? Because of false promises of low equities and interest rates...but I'm digressing.

My pastor said something last year to the effect that America's time in the sun is slowing giving way to other countries like China, India, and to the continent Africa. A few people in the congregation were uneasy about agreeing with this prediction while others applauded softly, hesitantly. Every so often my mind slips back to my East Asian Civilization course in college where our professor discussed dynasties in China that came to an end when their ruling family had lost favor with the Gods. They had done things that were displeasing, and thus an unfortunate series of events followed, signifying the end of their rule. It's thinking back on that memory where I start to draw comparisons between the Bush Administration and the administration to come. I have to feel optimism that this new leader (who I truly hope is XYZ) will come, and with him a resurgence of people's prosperity and faith. This is not to say that my faith/hope/degree of contribution to the world is dependent on the government lol. No, I'm simply anxious for better seeds to be planted so that we'll have more prosperous fruits in our future. People can still choose to see the ray of light in dark, desperate circumstances.

I realize this post is a slight diversion from random finds, lol, but such is life :) I'd like to post a song that is not only one of my favorites but also a fitting song for times such as these: "People Make The World Go Round" by the Stylistics


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