Revisiting the New Skirt and an Old Favorite

Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's quite possible that I'm on the brink of an unhealthy obsession with this skirt. Very possible. It seems I wear her an awful lot but in truth she only pops up on sunny occasions such as yesterday.

A long-time family friend who is also an upcoming independent filmmaker had an idea to make a music video, a spoof really. He asked me to join his cast and crew as the Director of Photography and as an "extra". I thought I was just going to come along and provide support to my brother, who was playing the lead character, but working as DOP was a wonderful treat. The whole production went from 4am Saturday to roughly 12am Sunday (There was a five-hour lull before shooting the club scene). Being able to experience what goes on behind the scenes was great. The vibe on the set was fun and energetic, being sure to maintain the professional air that was necessary. But in between takes there was nothing but jokes.

I was asked to wear a club outfit for the evening scene just in case they needed to use me as an extra. But the whole time I was praying to stay behind the camera. (Success! lol) Clearly, I don't visit the clubs often, as you can see. Girl could've went to class in this! lol

*On another quick note, one of my random bouts of pensiveness/seclusion has set it and I've sort of retreated to my bookshelf for solitude. It's a really odd feeling, as I love being kind of excitable and funny. (It may have something to with the past week being a little draining...hmm). Right now I'm reading A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (I'd love for you all to hit up this site and join other voracious bookworms and myself :), and in between pages of that I'm revisiting one of my favorite book of essays, In Search of Our Mother's Garden by Alice Walker. Here's to great reading and renewed clarity :D


  1. there she goes again, have you named her (the skirt). and I have checked out your other blog, I will comment on it promise..I been online for hours and I'm tired:(

  2. i absolutely love this combo! the necklace and blouse are fab! i love your shoes too!

  3. lol...the skirt is currently nameless, but I'm open for suggestions :)

    Thanks so much bella! The necklace was borrowed from my mom and the shoes are from Kohl's :) The shirt is actually a dress that has become too short for me to wear on its own as a dress i tucked it into the skirt.


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