Nike Introduces the Air ?Questo

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Always tipping everyone to what's hot in streetwear, High Snobiety and Kix And The City released some pics of the new Nike Air Force 1 1World "Air ?uesto". (Yeah, it's almost too much to say at once lol). Being that he's the drummer of one of the best live groups in music (The Roots) I love that ?uestlove is such a musical purist and musicologist. The shoe... I'm not in love with (yet), but the imprint of ?uest' profile on the tongue and lower sole of the shoe is so dope to me. And the detail of him outlined in blue playing the drums on the inner sole is a nice touch as it shows he, too, values details and craftmanship, even if no one sees it but you.

Questlove on the statement his shoe makes:
These Air Questo’s right here are an extension of my personality. Kind of all-over-the-place. I just wanted to start off with a very loud statement, a sneaker that sort of has 12 exclamation points behind it. Something that just screams “Rahhhhrr” so you know, this is an extension of my personality."

Check the following link for release dates of when these little biddies will be hitting stores.

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  1. That's a pretty funky looking Nike shoe, and I'd have to see someone actually wearing it to actually see if it actually looks good. But it's nice to see change every now and then.

    BTW, I was wondering, would you like to do a link exchange with me?


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