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Monday, July 7, 2008

Today I had every intention of finding some lovely new pieces courtesy of some residential NYC thrift stores, but I must have been off my game because I didn't end up getting anything. What I did get, however, was the sweet satisfaction of finding some quaint new shops/restaurants with really friendly employees :)
I went to a couple of shops along the lower East Side, the first being Vintage Thrift Shop. It's such a cute and inviting atmosphere, and the two employees completely set the tone with their warm smiles and chill demeanors. Vintage Thrift really caters to everything: shoes, hats, bags, scarves, cameras, movies, clothes, furniture, etc. I did find two beautiful cream and white shirts, but for some reason I was expecting the price range to be a bit more in the...um...thrift store price range(?). Not that the items weren't cute, but there were more expensive pieces than I expected to see.

The other store I visited was just one block up called Housing Thrift. It, too, was cute but very (very) tight. The space was limited and so was the clothing selection, but not too bad. I walked around with a bunch of jeans before realizing my intention was to find tops. Their specialty is more so in novelties for your home/apt.

Before hitting my last thrift joint I really had a taste for a good salad so I rode over to the West Side and figured I'd just walk around and stumble upon a place. Joie de vivre! I found a perfect bistro called French Roast at the corner of W.85th and Broadway. The hostess provided me with one of the best seats in the outdoor patio (apparently the air conditioner tends to leak on certain tables lol). Trying something other than my usual Greek Salad, I opted for the Ceasar with grilled salmon. Combined with a good book for added company, and the incredibly cheerful wait staff, it was one of the best (outdoor)dining experiences thus far. I aim to keep checking out more thrift spots. Perhaps on a day when the money is burning a deeper hole in my pockets ;)
*images taken from frenchroast.com. I didn't have any dessert, but this pic makes me wish I had.


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