Come With Me, Mon Parapluie

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I have this new love affair with umbrellas and their breezy, almost buoyant quality. Being that New York has slightly fickle weather and is known for frequent scattered showers, a closer look into an important, practical accessory seems pertinent :) Looking for images that reflect how charming an umbrella can be as an accessory was sort of a daunting task, as most accessories for the summer focused on vintage bikes (which I also adore) and scarves/pashminas. Not many editorials feature umbrellas, either, which could be an interesting spread if done in the right hands (enter photographer Koto Bolofo!) But for now, a brief homage to the umbrella! And the parasol because they're quite lovely, too ;)

"Lost in Translation" was my first introduction to the clear, bubble umbrella with the dome-like shape. I'm sure the film did wonders for the sale of these beauties, as well. Several are available online at great prices.

Alexandra Sojfer is an amazing designer who recently inherited her grandfather's business. She creates beautiful luxury umbrellas and parasols at her headquarters in Paris. Her online store is currently being constructed and should be up soon.

photos courtesy of Jed Root, The Sartorialist, Flickr, Alexandra Sojfer, Etsy, and


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