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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ah, the cape. It's a little whimsical, a little sweet, and oozes with a mod-ish 60s appeal! I love the summer, but I'm secretly wishing to kiss Fall or Winter a little sooner this year just so I can sport one of these pretty ladies :) 
That cape and belt pairing in the illustration is classic simplicity. (I adore the red one, too!)

Flannel and Plaid Pendelton Capes. Images courtesy of and

A slightly shorter cut for less humid, but still breezy days. Photos courtesy of

Betsey over at Fashion Is Spinach inspired my initial love affair with the cape when I saw this posted on her blog back in March. I adore her cream plaid cape and the way it's paired with some simple jeans and flats. Change those flats to some ankle or calf boots and add a wool cap and I have my ideal winter wonderland ensemble ;)

Posted next to Betsey's dressing room pic is a stunning cape from Blanc de Chine's Fall/Winter collection. I tell you, this cape makes me swoon. Let's do some positive thinking and envision it being in the closet by the Fall.
Photos courtesy of


  1. Oh my. Yes, let's focus our positive energy for the both of our closets.

  2. I am looooving capes, especially that Blanc de Chine! Great post :)

  3. Beautiful choices, loving the capes!! And thank you so much for the lovely comment :)

  4. OMG I have this new love for capes. I tried some on a few years ago when ponchos were in style. I looked a complete and utter mess, and vowed never to wear a cape. But a few months ago I saw one at Nordstrom Rack, and decided to give it a try. I complteley loved it. I felt like Jackie O. All I needed were gloves, and my outfit would have been complete. It never gets cold enough in CA to actually wear a cape, so I'm looking forward to wearing it once I move to NY.

  5. Thank you for your sweet comments everyone :D

    Nikita: I'm speaking it into existence already lol :)

    Carrie: thank you so much!

    Dapper Kid: you officially have my favorite men's style blog :D

    Rae: I remember the days of the poncho. I had an olive green poncho that I thought was the best thing in the world, it had a little turtle neck collar, too lol. We should definitely hit up some stores together when you move to NY! Vintage finds await! :)


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