....And Now We Rest

Thursday, July 3, 2008

(image courtesy of imd.com)

Hey everyone :) Just wanted to drop a quick note and update you a little. I've been traveling like mad the past few days, and truth.... I'm friggin' exhausted lol. Yesterday, around 5:45 am I took the Megabus from NY to DC for a job interview in Georgetown (thanks for turning me on to the Megabus, Lauren! roundtrip $38). Had the interview, took the bus and metro to get back to the Megabus, which was leaving at 7pm for NY. I didn't get into Penn Station until about 11:50 and then didn't get back home until 1am today. But, like clockwork I woke up the same time I always do--6am. Though I didn't have time to check into any D.C thrift stores, I can shop vicariously through one of my favorite DC bloggers at Fashion is Spinach.
Alright...new, random finds coming soon...but now we rest :)


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