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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Every year for the past 2-3 years I've been telling my family that sometime in the future I'm going to see Thierry Henry in person. It wasn't even like "maybe I'll get to meet him" or "hopefully I'll get to see one of his games". It was a full-on declaration to which I most often received an "Okay, Cole. Good luck with that" lol. So right now imma give it up to NYC and AM New York for coming through like a champ and making it happen for me!

Yesterday morning on the way to catch the train uptown I was flipping through the free AM New York paper. Initially I read that Talib Kweli was going to be at the Apple Store in SOHO at 6pm, and I was geeked about checking that out. But then I read that Steve Nash and Claudio Reyna were putting on a charity soccer match at Chinatown's Nike Field. After a few more lines of reading I saw that Thierry Henry was going to be there and I could have bugged out on that train! (But I figured 7am was a little early to be looking crazy). The rest of my day revolved around getting to that field by 5:30pm. I didn't even want to go with my aunt to the laundry mat that morning. I think I actually asked her, "Are we going to be back by 2pm because I'm trying to catch the train downtown lol." (The laundry mat is only 1 minute from the house and from the Bronx to Chinatown is about an hour ride).

Once downtown it was just a perfect way to spend the afternoon/early evening. The energy of so many people--so many fans of soccer--gathered on this small block was great. The match between Turkey and Germany was just finishing and folks were spilling out of bars wrapped in flags and pumping fists. One lone (and apparently heartbroken) Frenchman scaled the fence representing his country's flag above the field. When he didn't get the cheers he was hoping for he relunctantly climbed down shouting "Haters!".

I was all set to start snapping away when Thierry entered the arena, but as soon as I saw him I completely forgot my camera was in my hand. I couldn't even feel the guy next to me, who's elbow had been in my eye for ten minutes, nor could I feel the the fence digging in my leg from being pressed up against it for so long. Come to think of it I was probably looking right ridiculous at this point lol! I just remember staring and thinking/sighing aloud(?) "Good Lord, he's gorgeous." But trust I wasn't just focused soley on his looks. I'm too big a fan of his foot work to stay a groupie and I did get some great shots. The match was fun. Baron Davis tried to hold it down for the blue team, but in the end Thierry and the yellow team, led by Steve Nash, won.

One more self-fulfilling prophecy achieved! Now for that new apartment...

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  1. amazing post Nicole!! You definitely are a photojournalist because your photos mixed with your writing is lethal girl!!!


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