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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sincere apologies for the slight hiatus. I've been in New York for nearly a week. Remember those details I wanted to fill in over here? Hope to do so here.

I've just finished three interviews with two amazing magazines in two cities. (I didn't want to list them because nothing has been confirmed just yet ;). The second round of interviews with the NY-based magazine was yesterday afternoon, and it was so great. The interview with the other magazine was by phone and was really nice as well. That job is in D.C, which as a city suits my vibe a bit more closely: very chill, low-key, has a nice metropolitan atmosphere, and is doing cool things style wise :) Not to mention the music scene has a great soulful vibe. I feel confident in both jobs and am hoping for a positive response from either by week's end.

The Positivity Exhibition was on Sunday and was one of the most incredible events in my life thus far. Fellow photographers, friends, and family convened in Brooklyn, and despite the sauna-like environment inside the corridor lol, it was so beautiful to see everyone mingling and smiling. My girls Charreah, Whitney, Eniola, Jessica, and Shaena all showed up for support like my sisters and were too fly. Afterward, we settled in the East Village at Spice restaurant for dinner and Coldstone for dessert :) I felt horrible that I was without my camera during the exhibition to capture the energy of the day because silly little me forgot to charge the battery. Plus, I had forgotten my business cards at a friend's house (nerves, maybe?). Thankfully I was still able to exchange info with those who asked for it. That itself was very humbling. Thanks again to everyone for showing love!

(side: The next day I randomly bumped into one of the photographers in the show who had travelled from London. She was getting off at the 96th st. station at the exact spot I was waiting to board the 2. We had both missed the opportunity to exchange information the day before but were able to swap addresses this time around. Small wonders in a city that seems to be getting smaller everyday).

And pictures will be coming soon thanks to Eniola and Charreah who were so gracious to take photos. With the possibility of a new job and the photo exhibition, it all has me thinking of what Pastor Mike of First Corinthian said a while ago: There is joy is waiting. God won't let you celebrate alone.

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  1. Amen to that. Pastor Mike is the truth!! And we will never let you celebrate alone Razzi:) The exhibit was AMAZING and I am actually posting on it now. Love ya!


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