Not Sure Why I Want A Pair of These Shoes....

Monday, June 9, 2008

...but I really really do ;)
Looking into purchases from Schuh and Zappos.

*Oh... remember when I mentioned I was looking for a vintage suitcase for an upcoming trip? I found one tonight at a new local thrift store :) Downside is that I know it won't store 1/4 of the things I need it to lol.


  1. Awesome collection!! I also like to wear vintage shoes. I have 2 pairs of vintage shoes.

  2. the last pair are the cutest!!

    And I may be late, but LOVE the new hair cut! Looking forward to seeing you soon:)

  3. Thanks Christine! I'm looking into some white leather Oxfords for the summer as well.

    CJ! You know I get wait to get back to NY and hit up the Charm Trunk with all of you:)And thanks for showing love to the haircut!

  4. those are all fab! im really feeling the oxford vibe.


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