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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nothing but good vibes today. We celebrated our mom's birthday with a little window shopping, lunch at a new restaurant, and nonstop clowning. I finally sent off my pictures to the gallery for the exhibition, too :) Thank the Lord! Next stop: NYC. But probably--no, most definitely--the most momentous event of the day was the history making event of Barack Obama announcing his official hold of the Democratic nomination! Here. In Minnesota!! June 3rd at 9:14pm.

It was so crazy to know that Obama was right down the street in one of the largest arenas in the state proclaiming his victory of the Dem. nomination. The speech was amazing, and the sight of thousands of supporters was beyond impressive. 20,000 alone stood outside in a line that wrapped itself around the Xcel Center. Twice. Thousands more gathered inside (those fortunate to have stood in line since 6am). It's no secret that Obama is such a great orator, but tonight I was seriously in awe. Most likely it was the fact history was being declared in a location I just so happened to be in--little ole Minnesota :) Seeing that up front does some powerful things to the psyche. Or maybe it was getting the feeling that divinity had somehow brought Obama to this point, against all the cynics and political pundits who wanted to find holes in his persona by introducing trivial accusations. Whatever the case, Minnesota stood up for Obama tonight, and it was a beautiful thing :) But I didn't get a T-Shirt!


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