2 Before 10

Friday, June 27, 2008

Never could I have dreamed that I'd have a day that started like this: two free concerts by two amazing bands, all before 10am. Coldplay and Maroon 5 held outdoor concerts for The Today Show and Good Morning America, respectively. Whitney and I woke up at the crack of dawn to ease on down to Bryant Park where Maroon 5 was scheduled to perform. Maroon 5, though cool, is not a band I get geeked over (I really didn't know any of the songs except for one). But how often does one get to experience a free outdoor concert put on by a class band at 7am? So no complaints here:) I knew Coldplay was supposed to be putting on a show in another part of town, but I thought it was down in Battery Park. On my way back to the train in Times Square I saw this huge image of Chris Martin and Guy Berryman (who may very well be the coolest Bassist ever!) rockin out in Rockefeller Plaza on the big screen. So like the crazed and fanatical Coldplay fan that I am, I high-tailed it over to 50th Street just in time to see them finishing up their set with "In My Place" :D New York, why are you so sweet to me?

Oh! Here are some of the pics from the photo exhibition. Thanks, Eniola!

Have a lovely weekend everyone !


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