The World Convenes in Minnesota..for a weekend, anyway;)

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The annual Festival of Nations went down this weekend in St. Paul and it was amazing!! After 10+ years of off-and-on living in MN this was my first one :) Just about every country was represented and proudly offered some bomb culinary delights from their homeland.

I touched down in Poland for a sausage and sauerkraut; hit up Nigeria for some plantains; revisited Korea for some Yakimondu (sp?) before settling down in France for a crepe aux fraises. I was really looking to get down on some Moroccan food but I never found the table. I didn't completely expand the palate like I had wanted, but that's mostly because the lines at Egypt, Israel, and Indonesia were super long.

Afterward we visited the Bazaar that was taking place next door. My photographer's eye was twitching like mad because of all the color, designs, and angles. I was looking for a carry-all bag, and Botswana, Mexico, and Indonesia has some really beautiful ones, but for some reason (*ahem* lack of funds; too lazy to walk my behind to the ATM) I decided against getting anything (for now that is ;)

Enough chit please!

Some of the festival participants who so sweetly obliged me in taking a photograph of them.

Dad preppin that Bratwurst (I should have opted for that instead of the Polish saugage...)

Bird with her new dashiki.


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