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Monday, May 5, 2008

I've been loving Joy Denalane every since her vocals floated over the remix to Common's "Go" circa 2004-2005, and her name usually follows right behind Maxwell's whenever anyone asks who I'm listening to. She's an incredibly beautiful soul singer hailing from Germany with South African roots. The beauty that is "Sag's Mir" from her first album "Mamani" had been in heavy rotation on my Walkman before getting much play on my ipod junior year. (I was an extremely late converter lol. CDs forever!) She's my kind of cool, classy girl who doesn't mind sharing tracks with boys of the same nature--Common, Lupe, Raekwon. (Her husband is pretty fly, too). Check the myspace!

Joy Denalane-"Sag's Mir"

Common ft. Joy Denalane-"Go" remix

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  1. mannnnnn. i am in love with joy denalane. most slept on artist TODAY. she is incredible. with mad flavor.

  2. Wow, I did not even know that she is getting a lot of attention in the US. How popular would you say is she? Have you also listened to her tracks she recorded in German? The one she is singing in duet with her husband was a big hit in Germany for quite a long time. Also, her husband has formed part of a extremely popular, and successful German hip hop band (Freundeskreis), with very thoughtful lyrics and beats. Nowadays, I think he is mainly producer.

  3. As wonderfully talented as Joy is I have not heard anything about her over here. No videos, radio play, interviews...Everything I've seen/heard has been on Youtube and 1xtra in the UK, but I'm sure somewhere in the US there is an underground station or radio playing her music. (I hope so :) I love "1ste Liebe" with Max Herre. "Mit Dir" was nice too. I'm so glad to find people who love her music, too!


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