"It's Been A Long Time!....Since I've Been Back Around the Way"--The Roots

Thursday, May 1, 2008

This past weekend I was back in Baltimore visiting friends and my good ole alma mater, Towson University! I despised Towson and it's pimpish tendencies (taking all my money while I was there, and still demanding payment after I left) but it was soooo good to be back :) It really felt like coming home. Thanks to all the friends who loaned me a pillow and blanket for a night! Each of you are pictured here and I love you for it :)

I used my free voucher to get a roundtrip ticket to see The Roots perform at Tigerfest, and the show was so LIVE!! The Roots are the truth. ?uesto put it down with the little improv session, Black Thought is still one of the most original MCs on stage, and Tuba Gooding Jr. was playing the mess out that Tuba. Midway during one of the songs the man jumped down into the crowd, 10lb instrument wrapped around him mind you, and then jumped right back on stage after rocking out among the crowd. I mean, how many live hip hop performances feature a tuba on stage?! It was crazy. Then they broke it down by remixing everything from Kanye West to Souljah Boy (lol @ Jamaal's "why me youuuu!" impersonation) Once I figure out how to put video footage on blogger I'll post some of the videos I shot.

Earlier that day Jim and I spent hours sitting in McDonald's over breakfast and some lovely conversation. At one point some guy walks in who I swear looked like Black Thought. But I only saw him from behind initially. He had the shades and military style jacket that Thought is known for wearing. I was trying to focus on what Jim was saying but I was distracted by this dude who I was clearly going to jump if he turned around and happened to be who I thought he was. But like Jim said, "Why would Black Thought be in McDonald's checking for a sausage biscuit and the runs?" Good point.

The next day was spent relaxing at Kishah's. We were chilling hard until around 12:30 pm when we decided to make breakfast. Those fried potatoes and onions were on point Kishah! (And I give myself a slight pat on the back for those pancakes. They almost never come out so golden brown lol.

I had a job interview with a great magazine in NY so I hopped on the Amtrak on Monday, rode up to NY for my interview on Tuesday, and right after caught the 5:39pm Regional back to Bmore. The interview went great and I'm 99% sure I'm in, I just have to wait on one last confirmation from the photo director :) I'm speaking this job, though! I met up with my partner/blogger in crime, Whitney, just before the interview. We chit chatted about every and anything over lunch in Midtown and it was a much needed reconnection. Big plans, Whit. Big plans :)

Some essentials of the trip in my overly stuffed purse.

This is the very nice man who talked me through most of the flight. I love traveling but I hate flying. The queasy feeling during takeoff and landing is not hot, and I think he sensed that by the way I was clenching the arms of the seats lol.


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