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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A few months ago I misplaced (lost?) my flash drive somewhere between my traveling back and forth from Minnesota to New York. Today, I was checking The Roots' video "Get Busy" (again), and saw the flash drive customized like an Afro pick that is just fire! It's too too hot to me. Immediately, I went online trying to find the maker, and have still come up short....but! during this pursuit I came across some cute flash drives that I'm tempted to try out instead.
Oh...the weather was really generous today in the Twin Cities, so I (very hesitantly) broke out some shorts :D

Love the cassette made by Mixa. You can go to their site and customize your own cassette using personal images for a $40 fee.

Russian designer Dima Komissarov is amazing when it comes to designing innovative pieces that are stylish and practical. These tiny flash drives fashioned as designer purses have an extra little surprise inside: as you add more data and images to your flash drive the purses inflate, letting you know when your storage space has run out. Komissarov also designed this remote control bracelet. Everything at your finger tips ;)

Teddy Ruxpin never had it so good lol. Imagine seeing someone at work with a cute teddy bear sitting next to their laptop and then all of a sudden they twist the head off and insert the body into their usb port...

Couples flash drives that light up when in use. Shout out to geeksugar for turning me on to some of the styles!

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