Weekend Movie: Love Me If You Dare

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I came across this movie while searching You Tube, looking for videos made to Frou Frou's "Let Go" (love that song). For weeks it's been in my mind so I'm making a point to get to Apple Valley this weekend because it's the only store in the state that carries the film. It's crazy how few titles Blockbuster has any more, at least in MN. I remember going in there once to rent "Do The Right Thing", and not being able to locate the film the clerk told me, "Oh, I don't think that came out yet." I just had to chuckle softly and say, "It came out in 1989, sweetie."

But back to the film above, "Love Me If You Dare". I actually don't know much more about it than what the video shows, but I believe it has something to do with kids who befriend each other at an early age through a practical joke. As they grow older they continue to challenge each other to escalating dares that simultaneously draw them closer to each other romantically. There's a box of some sort (music, maybe) that gets traded off to the one who has to perform the dare. But I'm excited to check out the cinematography; the colors of the film look so beautiful and are very reminiscent of "Amelie". It also stars Marion Cotillard. In a funny coincidence, I just read that the music of Edith Piaf played a significant role in "Love Me If You Dare"--2003, and Marion went on to win an Oscar for portraying Edith in "La Vie En Rose--2007.


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