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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hello dear chickies :) I have some fantastic new finds that I came across while surfing the web while I was (not)working ;) First, I have a new crush, and it's serious....N.E.E.T magazine. Okay, the mag has been up since 2006 and isn't technically "new", but I'm just being tipped to it and all the excitement of first impressions is still present ;)

Aside from my deep love for Trace and Fader , discovering N.E.E.T was like discovering the ultimate girl who I'd want to befriend, but in print: bright, artistic, fun, quirky, vibrant, and ridiculously fly. N.E.E.T specializes in showcasing affordable secondhand and vintage finds for girls all over the world. Print dresses and stockings with heels abound! What's cool about N.E.E.T is that she's completely grassroots. The editorial content is provided gratis by contributing photographers, illustrators, writers, and stylists. Fresh faced designers and everyday bloggers are featured. What I love is that N.E.E.T doubles as an internet gallery for artists, allowing us to show images we've taken from our portfolios (not necessarily done on assignment for the magazine). The magazine is exlusively online, so although you can't flip through the pages while curled in a soft lounge chair the editors offer you easy access to all the designers and bloggers they feature via direct links on each page.


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