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Friday, April 4, 2008

I'm becoming a much better foodie thanks in part to endless hours of Food Network, Anthony Bourdain, and, most recently, blogs made by other foodies. I'm a sucker for the whimsy of enjoying open markets and their newly stocked fruits and vegetables or someday enjoying a classic seafood feast on the beach in Accra, Ghana with the likes of Anthony Bourdain (who I'm just a little more than fascinated by...) So now courtesy of "The Polaroid Blog" and some diligent blog searching, I found a few beautiful blogs dedicated to the beauty of food. I've toyed with food styling and food photography because I would love love love to work with Food & Wine magazine or Travel and Leisure magazine someday, and aside from my daily pursuits of becoming a photojournalist, food photography--and the food itself--gives me such pleasure. It's the partial reason why I created this blog: to have a sort of catalog for my mindspace as it generates thoughts of food, travel, and living well.

So I was a little more than delighted when I stumbled upon this blog by food photographer/stylist, Lara Ferroni. Her blog "Cook & Eat" had me referring to my favorites page a few times a day before I made my affection official by adding her to my frequented blog roll. I'm so excited to try this recipe in particular, Raspberry Upside Down Cakes. My initial reaction was, "Oohh! I am so baking these!" Mrs. Ferroni has a few blogs that center on her love of food, cooking, and travel. But my favorite would be "Cook & Eat" for it's sweet and inviting imagery (and the fact she features recipes so you don't have to hunt them down is an added bonus:). The first two images you see were taken by yours truly, and the bottom two are courtesy of Lara Ferroni. *Shout out to my brother for making an enlargement of my pic and putting it in his kitchen! So sweet...and unexpected :)


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