Goodwill Hunting

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Don't sleep on the Goodwill. For real. I've been walking past my local Goodwill for a minute, but thanks to my recent penchant for anything thrift (we're still in broke post graduate syndrome :), I hit up the local Goodwill with my sister yesterday. She was relunctant at first, but ended up walking out with more than me! Total spending: $11.98 for the flyest jean vest that anyone could give away and a pair of jeans. The vest looks like the type of vest Jillian from Project Runway would create, you know, the one that has asymetrical zippers and pockets? I love it ;) There were other great finds, but I didn't think the fit was all that good for some of them. This weekend I'll venture to some downtown thrift stores because I know MN has some style waiting to come out of winter hiding.


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