A 'Charm'ing Vintage Find

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My good friend Charreah Jackson has created an amazing new venture called "The Charm Trunk." Vintage dresses, blouses, and shoes emblazoned with colorful prints make up the bulk of this collection, and since the doors (and webpages) of Charm Trunk have opened we, her lovely (greedy?) friends, have been taking advantage of all the great pieces. I managed to get a great striped blouse that fits perfectly and has that undeniably comfortable/cool factor. Often times "vintage" has the stigma of meaning expensive, but at Charm Trunk everything is set up so that you can "splurge on a pedi for spring with the money you save", as the site points out. This Zinc top above? $11. The accompanying necklace? $3. It's pretty much all the incentive I need to look fly on a budget. But if you can't make it to NYC where Charm Trunk is headquartered, feel free to hit up the website at charmtrunk.blogspot.com and put in a request for your favs!


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