Casa Luxe: At Home with Naja Munthe


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sometimes a girl falls in love with a space so much she might initially swoon and sigh. And then she'll share said space with her sister-in-law to help join with her in said swooning. And then she might bookmark photos of that home, close her laptop, and then open it again immediately to commence with said swoonage until her laptop battery dies.
This sequence is a pretty accurate way to describe how much I fell in love with the home of fashion designer Naja Munthe of the Scandinavian clothing line Munthe plus Simonsen. Clean lines, black and white with hints of gold. Beautiful wood floors and white lacquered cabinets. Open and spacious for miles. And the lovely photos taken by Morten Koldby make it even more beautiful. The only thing I'd add is more plants. Always more plants :) 
Thanks to the home blog My Scandinavian Home for the introduction to Naja's home!

New Client Work


Thursday, December 12, 2013

I've been churning out a massive amount of chairs in the studio before the holiday break, and am getting ready to pack up the car and deliver this set of chairs back to their homes in D.C. But I couldn't wait to share the transformation with you!

Back in September I began working with a couple, Emily and her husband Andrew, to recreate and give a fresh face to a set of dining chairs and a sewing chair that have been in Emily's family for years. The couple wanted a teal or turquoise print to give the sewing chair more pop and bring it into the 21st century. And in a final decision, they wanted to update the masculine aesthetic of a beautiful pair of antique dining chairs. I'm so glad no paint was involved in the custom request because the wood is absolutely gorgeous! the dining chairs have been reupholstered in a gray and blue pin stripe pattern. The sewing chair has been reupholstered in a teal linen and teal arrow print by Caitlin Wilson Textiles. 

OYOY: Danish Design Compnay


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I recently fell head over heels for the Danish design company OYOY. I love the mix of clean, classic Scandinavian design with pops of bright colors and Japanese minimalism. I mean, hello! What's not to love about the fun, graphic textiles that cover everything from tea towels to cute wooden characters. I'm especially drawn to the Mumi Plaid blanket. (Hint hint: Christmas is coming up but in case you'd rather wait, my birthday is March 31st ;).

OYOY currently only sell about two stores in the U.S, and if you're fortunate to live in either Venice, California or in Texas you can visit them. But for the me, I'll keep swooning over their online shop.

Photo Gallery: Virginia MacDonald


Saturday, December 7, 2013

I recently across the work of photographer Virginia MacDonald via an interior designer's portfolio and love her lighting! There's a modern romance to each room that is enhanced by the soft light. I'm all about a little glamour meets rustic comfort, and the homes she photographs hit that balance beautifully. Did you spot the Hermes blanket in the photo at the top? uhh huhh ;)

Lloyd Ralph Designs


Lloyd Ralph Designs have this beautiful, very clean Miami-meets-LA glamor about them.The elegant mix of black, white, cream and gold is definitely a palette I've been loving for a while. I think I'm responding most to the openness of each room, and how natural elements such as the plants or type of wood play a subtle yet sophisticated role. 

Don't Call It A Comeback!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Vivian Barrel chair has been our most requested chair to restock for a few months. And I'm thrilled to announce we have three in our inventory and are up for grabs!

A couple of things to note, there are slight variations in the chair style as we were not able to source the original chair, but the new chairs all have the same barrel shape with exposed wood that has been painted gold. Also, the original print has since been discontinued by the company, but we have located a very similar print, which you can see below.

Each chair will be sold for $450 plus delivery. To put in your request to purchase one please e-mail!

Third + Grace How-to w/ Rue Magazine Daily!


Monday, November 25, 2013

Last week Third + Grace featured a simple "how-to" post on Rue, and I'm thrilled to share it with you! I've been a huge reader of Rue Magazine since its first issue, and love working with the EA Kelli Ryder, who is about the sweetest person you'll ever talk to via e-mail. She offered Third + Grace a chance to show how to transform a flea market find into a great little piece for your home or office.

I purchased this chair several months ago, and never really knew what to do with it until I found this beautiful navy and gold scalloped print from Joann fabric. It really glints when you see it up close. But I love me a gold-capped anything, and so decided to add gold-capped legs to this chair to mimic the gold in the print. Check for the full how-to and more pics!

Apartment Therapy House Tour!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last month I photographed my good friend Alexandra and her adorable baby and husband at their home in Washington DC. I love Alexandra's decor style because it's so clean and elegant, yet colorful and joyful. She essentially gutted her entire house after the previous owners, and turned it into a cozy modern nest. And check out those stunning antique chairs! I tried my hardest to convince her to part with them should she be so inclined :) #Fail

You can view the full tour House Tour on Apartment Therapy's site!

Little Rings X Moorea Seal


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Recently I came across a beautiful site for jewelry maker Moore Seal, and fell in love with her simple stated yet elegant gold rings. Rings like these make my heart flutter! (And so do the prices). They're the perfect compliment to any outfit, and even rocking chipped nail polish they still manage to make your hands looks amazing haha.
And Moorea Seal's site is a beautifully curated shop for home decor, accessories, paper goods and more.

Clent Befores and Afters


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It's been a busy past week or so in the studio. Thank you to the wonderful write-up about Third + Grace in Apartment Therapy (!!!) I've had lots of great new projects that I'm beyond excited to work on. If you missed the article, feel free to check it out here!

I wanted to quickly post two recent projects I just completed. The first is a beautiful barrel chair that a client/interior designer dropped off last Monday. Her home is being featured in the upcoming Dupont Circle House Tour series and she wanted to makeover a great chair she found via Craigslist. I love the bright floral print she chose, and her idea to outline the details in black welt cording to help things pop a bit.

The second project is a gorgeous wing back chair that my client wanted to reupholster in a more neutral tone to go with the rest of her living room's decor. We chose a European Linen in wheat (have a mentioned how much I love linen??), and embellished with a few gold nail heads around the base.

The Shell Chair X Maharam


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Shell Chair that was designed by famed Danish designer Hans J. Wegner, the textile company Maharam has released twenty one-of-a-kind shell chairs reupholstered in various Maharam textiles called the Shell Chair Project. Love this whole concept and execution.

White Lux


Thursday, September 19, 2013

In between upholstery projects for clients I'm sneaking in some redecorating around my own home. Trying to add little touches here and there to personalize the space and give it a certain panache. As much as I love bright colors and mixed prints in the chairs I upholster, when it comes to styling my own space (or even my wardrobe) I'm finding that I'm reverting back to what I loved growing up: Blacks, whites, creams and taupe with hints of gold here and there. My mother used to come in my closet every week and say "Child, you need some lavender or periwinkle in here. What about your pinks or yellows?" That woman loves herself some yellow. Bless her heart.
And later when I was living in the city, as much as I pushed myself to purchase bright colored furniture for the sake of it being colorful, I found that many of those same items I later sold or gave away to friends with each move. Clothes and furniture alike. Perhaps my not-so-subtle way of trying to get back to the basics and maintain things that were simple and reflected the authentic me. But understanding that I can happily resign myself to the fact I enjoy a more basic, minimal aesthetic in my home and fashion sense, while letting my alter ego be more expressive with regards to upholstery projects has been liberating.
So instead of pops of color today, I wanted to show a few luxury white chairs and benches that I've been swooning over. I'm on the hunt for a bench that I can upholster and tuft in cream and gold buttons for the living room. The Eames chairs with the wooden backs are "wishlist for my future home" items. Because a girl can always dream, right?
Classic Eames chair
Bottom three images are from Jan Showers

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